Age Group

Art Platform cares for every little artist. Class size is small. We use small group teaching to facilitate personal attention for the students. Our art program caters for children from age 5 and above, and is mainly divided into two groups:

  • Age 5 – 9

    Art Platform encourages children to express their creativity by using various painting medias and interesting topics. Children gain confidence by experimenting different techniques.

  • Age 10 and up

    Our programs are well planned to maximize the children’s mastery of a wide range of drawing techniques ranging from working with watercolor, pencils, charcoal and pastels, etc. Students are able to enhance their artistic techniques and observational skills.


Cost: $24.00 per lesson

Casual: $28.00 (All materials included. Subject to availability.)

All enquiries, please call (02) 9457 8808 or email