Terms and Conditions

Art Platform reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior notice.

  1. Fees:
    1. ALL tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    2. FULL term tuition fee must be paid before the commencement of the class. NEW student who enrols with the Art Platform after Week 1 of the school term will pay the pro-rata rate of the total fee.
    3. NO refunds are given for missed classes for any reason.
    4. Fees on current missed class MUST not be deducted from next school term tuition fee.
    5. Pro-rata amount of fees may be allowed only once a year if the student has to be absent for three consecutive weeks or more due to family vacations or emergencies. This applies only to students who have already been with the Art Platform for over eighteen months.
  2. Make-Up Class:
    1. No more than TWO make-up classes are allowed per school term.
    2. No make-up class will be provided if notification of absence is not received at least ONE hour prior to the beginning of class. This policy also applies to scheduled make up classes.
    3. Make-up class must be scheduled in advance and is limited to existing class times only.
    4. Make-up class is subject to availability of slots and classes.
    5. Make-up class must be attended within FOUR weeks of the date of absence, or it will be forfeited. If the make-up class falls on term break, it can be carried over to the next school term.
    6. Make-up class is not transferable.
    7. Students are eligible to choose any location listed in our website’s Location and Time for make-up classes.
  3. Class Rule:
    1. Students should be dropped off/pickup within 5 minutes of starting and finishing times.
    2. No slide show, demonstration or brainstorming session will be repeated if the student is late.
    3. Art Platform is not responsible for the safety of children outside their class times.