Why Art Platform

“NOT to be a copycat!”

This is Art Platform’s all times slogan.

We emphasize original thinking and encourage imagination. It’s not our policy to encourage imitation.

Our students will learn to express themselves creatively with a wide range of art media, such as water colour, crayon, pencil drawing, charcoal and pastel.

Concern for the Community

We educate our students to get close with the real world by choosing some latest news or events as art topics, e.g. the Australia Red Dust Storm in 2009 or the annual fundraising Red Nose Day, etc.

We help them process their experiences and express their concern for the community through art creations. You will be amazed at your child’s new way of seeing the world around them!

Art Platform is notable in enhancing the children’s compassion and caring of the community through art creations.

Multi-culturalism in Art

Besides teaching western drawing skills, Art Platform is unique in fostering multiculturalism in art. Students have the opportunity to learn traditional Chinese Brush Painting during each term.

At just ONE-STOP, your child learns both western and Chinese painting techniques!

FREE Chinese brush painting materials are provided.

Art Platform develops your child’s creativity with fun and laughter!

Enrol your child NOW!

Call (02) 9457 8808 or email info@artplatform.com.au for details.

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